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News: 3 Project Catalyst Fund 10 proposals submitted!


utilising cryptocurrency to change the housing market

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Why Kirkstone?

Our mission statement is to significantly reduce the cost of residential and vacation renting to reduce the financial barrier to real estate investment. In addition, another aim is to make a substantial impact to the homeless by utilising a significant portion of the KIRK vesting structure as well as donations from the Kirkstone Ecosystem.

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Kirkstone Rental Model

KIRK holders will be able to pay cheap rent at Kirkstone properties using their tokens. Renters will also have the options to pay in stable coins (such as DJED), where the DJED will converted into KIRK through the transaction via liquidity pools. Existing landlords will also be able to use our system for lower fees and access to the full benefits of the Kirkstone Ecosystem. Initial dApp development has already begun!

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