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Kirkstone Rental Model

The KRM is the foundation of what we do: renting properties to students and low income individuals, who will purchase and pay rent in our native token ($KIRK) via a smart contract, resulting in a rise of our token's ($KIRK) price. This rise in $KIRK value allows us to offer cheaper rent to our tenants.

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How it works

Our tenants will pay their reduced rent monthly. Tenants will the option of paying in the stable coin $DJED or our native variable token $KIRK. Kirkstone will always encourage and advise our tenants to pay for their rent in a stable coin as it eliminates risk for the common user. However, we still give the option to the tenant to utilise $KIRK because there is an opportunity for more savings in rent to be made through the use of the variable token. This risk/decision is completely down to the individual.

From the Kirkstone end we will convert the rent paid to $KIRK through an exchange or liquidity pool, which supplies a buy pressure to the $KIRK token. These tokens will then again be vested strategically through the use of our proprietary treasury algorithm. Essentially tokens will be held and allowed to grow in value before being released to market. This growth in our $KIRK token allows us to offer our cheaper rental rates to our tenants. The $KIRK token will also have significant utility from other avenues of the Kirkstone Ecosystem; to ensure the $KIRK tokens value.

A simple flow chart below describes the process: 

Roadmap home page (2).png
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