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Our mission statement is to significantly reduce the cost of residential and vacation renting to reduce the financial barrier to real estate investment. In addition, another aim is to make a substantial impact to the homeless by utilising a significant portion of the KIRK vesting structure as well as donations from the Kirkstone Ecosystem.

Roadmap home page (5).png
Roadmap home page (5).png


Kirkstone is a team of graduates combined with experienced real estate and cryptocurrency professionals. Through our time as students we had mixed experiences with landlords and rental properties. One experience that was familiar across our team was the high cost of living compared to our student loans.


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Landlords increase their APY every year – you may say this is to match inflationary prices for the landlords. However, housing prices are growing at a faster rate than inflation thus landlords increasing their APY is unnecessary and unfair to students. On average students pay a 27% rental premium in comparison to average renter, even though the student has no stable income. Simply put, landlords are taking advantage of students.

Stay tuned for how Kirkstone aims to level the playing field.


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Our team of recent graduates combined with experts within the cryptocurrency and real estate industries allows us to provide efficient and thorough business operations combined .


He holds a Master's in engineering with a specialty in dynamic modelling. Cameron has 4 years of experience in software engineering. He was responsible for designing multiple high fidelity responsive models for a variety of institutions. He most recently provided business analysis for a FTSE 250 company.

Cameron - CEO


He obtained a Master's degree in engineering with a specialty in operational management. William has 4 years experience in mathematical modelling and end-to-end software optimisation. He has a vast array of experience in developing projects from start to finish.

William - COO


Core Team

Holds a Masters degree in engineering specialising in entrepreneurship and innovation, Joe has pioneered R&D in world-leading process industry and a successful Oxford University spin-out company centred on novel monitoring of complex systems. He is Six Sigma qualified, has consulted with major blue-chip companies in a variety of fields and spearheaded projects with governmental bodies such as the British MoD and US FDA.

Joe - Head of Technology / Innovation


Emily has a Bachelors degree in International Business Studies. For the last two years she has notably performed a managerial role for COVID-19 vaccination programs in addition to performing financial audits for the NHS. She also has experience in cost budgeting and sales which makes her a perfect fit for the Kirkstone team.

Emily - Commercial Manager

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Gemma has experience developing social media communities and teams. She has a number of years of high pressure management experience. She is tenacious, industrious and relentless which makes her a perfect fit to the Kirkstone team. Gemma is also extremely personable and will take lead developing new Kirkstone partnerships.

Gemma - Head of Business Development


Hassan is our developer for all core development. He aids the Head of Technology in writing technical documentation, the code auditing process and gathering user feedback; ensuring its execution by the wider engineering team. In addition to code development, he is also responsible for network fee optimisation and assisting in ISPO node creation and maintenance.

Hassan - Lead Developer

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Jason is the elder statesman of this very talented group of young entrepreneurs. Jason has amassed significant experience in the public and private housing sectors and has delivered business development, transformation and change at the C-Suite level. Qualified in Strategic Studies and a current practitioner at this level, he brings regional, international and global credibility to Kirkstone.


Jason - Strategy Consultant

James is a highly experienced in the cryptocurrency realm and has been involved in the space since near its conception. Throughout his career, James has embraced technology change at multiple junctures. James brings a wealth of experience to Kirkstone, he has a total of 20 years’ experience in project management and leadership, on top of the aforementioned cryptocurrency experience.


James - Cryptocurrency Operations Consultant

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