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Token utility


The Kirkstone Ecosystem will provide utility from 5 intrinsically linked pathways: KRM, staking pools, NFTs, Erdos and Launchpad/DEX. 

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Partnerships (21).png
Partnerships (21).png
Partnerships (21).png
Partnerships (21).png
Partnerships (21).png
Partnerships (21).png
Partnerships (21).png



Initial funding round through Launchpads (to be confirmed) that will allow early Kirkstone supporters to invest at a lower price. Seed funding will provide the foundation for the Kirkstone Ecosystem to continue to be developed.



Private sale will be held after the seeding round, allowing for partnerships to be created with investors to utilise their expertise. Our partners will be carefully selected, only engaging with those that offer the required support and share the same ethos. Details on this round will be fully transparent, like all elements of the Kirkstone system to give our other investors full confidence in Kirkstone.



The public sale again will allow Kirkstone supporters to further invest at a low price. Details on pricing will be confirmed before this funding round. This sale will be partially executed via ISPOs.



This token allocation is to provide a sufficient amount of $KIRK upon launch onto an exchange. The funds raised from the divesting will go to expanding Kirkstone.



This token allocation will be solely for the purpose of developing the Kirkstone Ecosystem.


This allocation will be used to grow the Kirkstone brand as well as providing giveaways, airdrops and other loyalty benefits to the Kirkstone supporters.


As the Kirkstone operation grows we will be seeking team members with great expertise in their respective fields. This allocation will be used to develop the Kirkstone team in terms of personnel and knowledge.


This will consist of growing and developing our team by gaining additional knowledge through training programmes and technical experts. We will also lean on technical experts' knowledge within the real estate and crypto world to fully optimise and continue expansion of the Kirkstone Ecosystem.


Staking tokens will be provided within the reserve allocation to allow sufficient and generous rewards to investors who hold $KIRK. The function of the additional tokens is to allow the growth of the business and thus, will be completely allocated to growth of the Kirkstone Ecosystem.

The Ashby Charitable Foundation will receive this token allocation throughout its vesting period. The Charity will operate to make a difference to the lives of homeless people across the globe.

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Token allocation
Token vesting


The 1.6 billion $KIRK will be vested as shown below. The numbers in the table represent the percentage of KIRK released for each token allocation.

Copy of Vesting structure (7).png
Copy of Vesting structure (6).png
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